Apollo Series


LED Street Light(Apollo)

LED Street Light

Item No. Light Bars No.of LEDs Current 700mA Tj 25°C
System Consumption(W) Typical Flux 5000K
RL2R1014 1 14 33 3100
RL2R1028 2 28 62 5800
RL2R1042 3 42 93 8800
RL2R1056 4 56 123 12300
RL2R1070 5 70 155 15500
RL2R1084 6 84 185 18500
RL2R1098 7 98 216 21600
RL2R1112 8 112 246 24600
RL2R1126 9 126 277 27700
RL2R1140 10 140 308 30800
Color Rendering Index >75
Power Factor >0.95
Luminaire Efficiency >85%
Ambient Environment Temp:-40~+50°C;Humidity:10%~95%
Lifespan >50000 hrs

Product Description:

Apollo LED street light series are Kingsun recently newly released most complete and most functional road lighting in the industry, embracing the typical Europe and America solid and slim style, flexible current driving range, thermal and optical integrated modular system, multi-options of light distribution, free tool installation and maintainence,full solution with wide range applicable installation inter-face and various control methods.

Product Characteristics:

1.Applied with top grade LED from Cree or Lumileds

2.Non-image optics system, improves lumen output ratio

3.Modular design, carrying big range from power from 30W to 240W

4.High efficiency driver system from Philips/Advance

5.Luminaire efficiency up to 90 lm/W ± 3lm

6.Open air ventilation design, good heat dissipation function

7.Innovative and unique design of rotating arm branch, tilt -30 to 90 degree adjustable, compatible with the interface Φ60 and below, fit the purpose of the change or upgrade of conventional road lighting.

8.”Tool free” locking design to open and close the driver compartment simply, easy installation and maintainance

9.5-year warranty

Light Distribution Curve:


KINGSUN Warranty Agreement 5yearsRL2Rseries