DLMJ Series B Type Downlight

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DLMJ Series B type LED down light, with concise and modern appearance, adopts high quality raw materials, anti-glare,
the output light is natural and comfortable, creates cozy lighting environment. It has a wide range options for power
consumptions and dimensions. The slim lamp body design makes it easy to install and use.
●Imported LED chip to ensure long life span and high lumen output, energy-saving is remarkable.
●Instant on, the output light is pure and creates wonderful lighting performance. Frosting surface soft light lamp shade can reduce the glare effectively, create warm and comfortable lighting atmosphere.
●Imported PC diffuser plate with exquisite material.
●Separate power constant driver, it can prevent short circuit effectively, and ensure the stability of lamps.
●Various color temperature and power, general opening size, easy to install and maintain.
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