G3 Series T8 Tube with all PC diffuser

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G3 series LED T8 Tube, is Kingsun’s newly developed all PC diffuser LED T8 Tube. It meets national safety standards and residential & commercial projects requirements. The G3 series tube adopts the PC tube as the diffuser, making it seem quite similar to the traditional fluorescent tube, with lower power consumption at equivalent performance it is more energy saving. Breakage-proof during the transportation and installation. Pb & Hg free, no UV&IR in light emissions.
●Adopt 360° PC tube as the diffuser.
●No UV&IR, zero lead & mercury. Good for eyes and objects being lit.
●Good quality PC cover, high safety insurance, less weight, easy for transportation and installation.
●Up to 50% energy saving compared with the traditional T8 tubes.
●Suitable for homes, offices and public places etc.