RL2W Venus Series Wallpack Light

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VENUS LED Wallpack with splendid appearance is a star product launched recently by Kingsun. With innovative modular LED structure design, optional accessories of photocell and infrared sensor, the VENUS LED Wallpack shows excellent optical performance for replacing traditional wall lights in many applications.

Product Features
1. Modular LED structure of LED light source, maximum up to 90W.
2. Optional accessories of photocell and infrared sensor.
3. 10%, 30%, 60%, 100% dimming control for saving energy.
4. Works as a security light after infrared sensor is installed.
5. Different light distributions available.
6. Working environment temperature: -40°C to 55°C
7. Color: Bronze/ Metallic dark grey.

Commercial, residential areas, factories, parking lots, etc

LED Parking Light

LED Wallpack(VENUS series)

Wall Pack Light(RL2W Floodlight)

VENUS LED Wallpack Series Detailed Technical Parameters is showing as following
Wall Pack Light