spring 2012 047 300x225 Kingsun LED Canopy Light Project in Alberta, Canada, 2012

kingsun has successfully completed a 60 units LED canopy lighting project in a warehouse in Alberta, Canada, 2012. These 120W LED canopy lights are used for replacing traditional 400W fluorescent lamps. It has created a different atmosphere to the warehouse and shows a better lighting environment.
Lights in warehouse are specially required in many aspects. The illumination of ground shall be more than 50Lux so that it will be convenient for people to distinguish the label of products and to keep the safety of forklift working. Because of the so many goods in warehouse, lights in it shall be anti-explosion. kingsunadopts its Artemis series LED canopy lights to prevent the fire at any circumstances like light source explosion. Meanwhile, lights in warehouse often installed on high and it is hard to replace and maintain. Kingsun LED canopy lights are featured with long life span and stable, so there is no need to replace and maintain often.

The pendent LED Canopy Lights used in this warehouse:

 Kingsun Artemis series LED canopy lights, if you want more information about this product, please go toArtemis series LED canopy lights